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Baby/Child Dedication

What is a Dedication? It is parents dedicating themselves leading their child to faith in Christ, and dedicating their child to God’s good plans and purposes.

The greatest gift that we can give our children is the Good News of Jesus Christ. Nothing in this world will have a greater impact on their eternity, family, marriage, career and life in general than a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, begun at an early age. 

Dedication is a two-fold commitment:

  1. The parents are dedicating themselves before God to teaching, training, encouraging and leading their children to a knowledge of God and a decision of faith in Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. The parents are dedicating their children to God for His good plans and purposes. As Hannah did with her son Samuel (1 Sam. 1:24‑28), so also we give our children to Him as well. Even though we have desires and plans for their good, nothing is better for our kids than being in the center of God’s good plans.



Why don’t we baptize our babies?

  • Baptism is the response of someone who has made a personal decision to trust in Christ. As babies are not yet able to make that choice, parents dedicate themselves to leading their children to a place of understanding where they can make that personal decision of faith.

Can older children be dedicated?

  • Absolutely! Parents who come to faith later in life can make that decision to dedicate themselves and their children to God’s good plans and purposes.

Can single/individual parents dedicate their children?

  • Though the family functions best with a father and mother involved in a child’s spiritual upbringing, God is more than able to honor the willingness of one parent who desires for his/her child to grow in the knowledge and love of God. He has also given the Church family to provide support and help all along the way.

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