Sundays @11:00AM

Our Values

  • We value worshiping our God through singing, sharing our faith stories, prayer and studying His Word.
  • We value prayer! It has the power to bring God’s promises and provision into the needs of our lives.
  • We value community and relationships. We weren’t created to live life alone, so we love to live it as God intended, together!
  • We value serving our community and world.
  • We value living an authentic life that is honest, transformed and abundant!
  • We value spiritual conversations and finding opportunities that allow us to share our story of faith.
  • We value the Journey of Faith, recognizing that though we’re still “imperfect and in process”, there is joy in the journey!
  • We value giving God our very best by following the leading of the Holy Spirit, working hard, being creative and learning from our mistakes.