Sundays @11:00AM

What To Expect On Sunday

You’ll meet some friendly people at the door and receive a visitor packet with info about WCC. Our greeters will also provide any help that you might need to find classrooms, the nursery and toddler rooms… And you’re always welcome to stop by the Connections Center for any info you may need!

Our 11 am Worship Service begins with an upbeat mix of modern songs and traditional hymns, as well as info about upcoming events and activities available for you to be a part of. Pastor Frank will open up God’s Word and help to connect what it says to your family, work, relationships and other practical things of life. Feel free to bring your Bible, use one of ours from under the seat in front of you, or just listen and take in what God has for you that day!

“What to wear, what to wear…” You’ll find most people wearing casual clothes, with a few ties and jeans thrown in for good measure. We come to focus on our inside rather than our outside, so wear whatever you are most comfortable with, and you’ll fit right in!